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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  November 28, 2010 7:30am-8:30am PST

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rising half a world away. and now china is "coming into the picture" to cool off the crisis tensions rising half a world away now china is coming into the picture to cool off a crisis between the koreas, the emergency meeting it hopes will prevent an escalation of war. >> we have come quite a way. i wish he was here. >> the man known as the mayor of the castro, 32 years after their assassination. the legacy lives on. after all the griping over the enhanced pat downbody scanners at airport check points a much talked about revolt this week fizzled out. does that mean the controversy is over. the spokesperson for sfo will
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talk with us live in studio. it is 7:30. november 28th. i am ann makovec. >> i am phil matier we have a lot of news to talk about in the next hour. a sting operation in oregon, a 19-year-old is accuse d of trying to set off a car bomb at a celebration. between black friday and cyber monday, your wallet may want a little rest. take a look how small business saturday went for local shops here in the bay area. and stanford's football team has done something it has never done in the history of its program. 11 wins. more on that impressive season for the cardinals. >> new, china is trying to intervene in a brewing crisis between north and south korea
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that could bring all out war they are calling for an emergency meeting in beijing they want to rekindle talks on disarming the nuclear weapons program. last week, north korea shelled a south korean island, killing four people. increasing tension south korea and the u.s. are holding naval war games in the area this weekend. hillary clinton is bracing u.s. allies in advance of another wiki leaks documents dump. the whistle blowers at wiki leaks have released thousands of pages of documents on the wars in afghanistan and iraq. they are to release sensitive news of world leaders. >> 32 years ago major george
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musconi and super visor harry milk were shot together inside city hall. the legacy of both men was remembered last night. >> reporter: the marchers moved from castro and market not to city hall where the assassinations occurred but around to the castro to the camera store once owned by harvey milk. >> both the mayor and supervisor have been shot and killed. >> reporter: 32 years later the scenepainful memories persist. dan white quit his seat on the board of supervisorchanged his mind and asked the mayor to reappoint him. he refused white went to his office in city hall they argued white pulled a gun and shot and killed the mayor then went to supervisor harvey milks office. the march ended at the store
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front 245 used to be milks -- that used to be milk's camera store. >> please join me as we reflect on harvey's legacy. >> reporter: the founder of the names project aids memorial quilt was his protege, cleve jones. >> i think he would be proud how far we have come but would be devastated of the ongoing suicides among our young people and foot dragging in congress. we have come a long way but have quite a ways to go. i wish he was here. it is still a strange sight in many communities, men and women openly baring their weapons. an east bay business, saturday's demonstration met at nations giant hamburgers hidden hills. they were met by protestors.
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>> have that many weapons in one place and you don't have people accountable to anyone that the odds for an incident or an accident are high. >> the open carry group says the brady campaign should focus their efforts on crime and criminal activities instead of targeting a group obeying the law. more information about a somali born college student involved in an alleged bomb plot in portland. he told an under cover agent he found a perfect time and place for a terrorist attack, portland's annual christmas tree lighting ceremony he also told the agent if he dreamed of carrying out an attack for years. people at oregon state university where he studies are concerned. >> what if something was spotted during the civil war game and you wonder if there are other people in connection with this gentleman and how this could happen and play out right here in oregon. >> now officials say as he
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talked with under cover agents he came to believe he was receiving help from a ring of jihaddists he was arrested friday when he tried to detonate what he thought was a bomb laiden van. incidents like that in portland are examples of the daily threats of terrorism we face although there is vocal opposition to security measures in place in airports across the country. >> there was word of a national opt out day the day before thanksgiving but that largely went unnoticed. >> here the spokesperson for sfo thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> we have heard about the outrage people not wanting the body scans, concerned about radiation, people not wanting the pat downs because it thank you very muchs private areas is this outrage real or made up? >> for some i am sure it is very real but just before thanksgiving things went smoothly we had a few people
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protesting but 120,000 people passing through the airport no problems at all. >> this brings out the entire issue of airport security and how other countries do it. in israel, they do interviews versus pat down what is is the story? >> israel is the goal standard. they have one international airport we have dozens in the united states it has easier they have a fine control point where they can focus on who they want in and out of that country. 435 commercial airports in the united states we have to focus on a broad issue americans are used to travelling from state to state any time. all these things have to come to play. you have to find the balance between safety, security and people's right to privacy and travel. >> a lot of people have criticized, is this just a show to show we are secure by we are really not since there are ways to get weapons and other materials through. >> there is always a ways to
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get things through. we are always moving that bar as far as trying to stay on top of things what tsa is trying to do and every airport, is stay one step ahead of people who want to break that system. there is no finish line, no target you have to reach because whatever you achieve someone else will try and break that system. while people may says the a show it is a step we have to do to at least make sure we make initial precautions in place but we can always work to improve the system. >> we have the system here and in europe but there are airports all around the world some of these terrorist points originate from third world countries where security is lax. >> the underrer wear bomber started somewhere in africa and went through amsterdam on the way to the states. so the u.s. said we have warning areas not up to our standards of security if you come from one of those types of airports most are required to
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go through screening. you have to find that weakest link and attack it. >> north korea we have a flair up there, possibility of brink of war north korea has a history of acting as a terrorist state as airports how do you react to that? >> one plus side there is no commercial service there. they can get people out through south korea, japan and china. you have to use intelligence. background information, coordinate human intelligence because these things do not happen in a vacuum. the situation just over portland they got a tip on this gentleman and were able to track his e-mail and set audio tape sting operation. -- set up and sting operation. get that human intelligence network in place first and then use the significance of technology. final question how many days this past year were you guys on alert. >> we have been on alert as far as heightened alert for 3.5
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years. since the britain terrorist threat, the summer of 3.5 years ago. we are just there and it will be that way for a long time. spokesperson for sfo thanks for joining us. our roads are also very busy this weekend seems to be more drunk driver this is year either that or more are just being caught. the number of drunk driving arrests since the start of the thanksgiving holiday weekend is up, thp arrested 127 people for driving under the influence, 40 more than last year at this time. statewide numbers are also up the crackdown continues through midnight tomorrow. results from black friday are in only a slight increase in spending at retail outlets research firm shopper press says spending road just 3/10ths of a% compared to last year -- percent compared to last year. more people were shopping
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online and heavier discounts earlier. >> another consumer calendar day this year, small business saturday. business was steady in the stores downtown yesterday. retailers were excited about the extra promotion. american express offered $100 worth of advertising to business owners who participated and a credit of $25 to clients who used their cards in small shops. all right well, it -- sorry about that. we are having some technical difficulty. it attracts millions of people around the world. see the plan to make fishermen's war of more attractive to us locals. helping fire victims after the fire is out. one of these bags costs somewhere around $200. one bag done usually twice a day.
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>> one woman's battle with lime disease that included a fight with her insurance company why her claims were not getting covered and why it reveals a larger problem with the system. >> jim bernard in the cbs 5 weather center clear and cool conditions next couple days looking at patchy frost the next few mornings we will take a look into next week to take a look at the next chance of rain the forecast coming up next ,,,,
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right and variable winds, cool and clear conditions, patchy frost before the clouds return mid-week ymptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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up here! those are hard water stains. truth is, 85% of us have hard water. unlike the leading all-purpose cleaner, lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime calcium and rust, lime-a-way is a must. - for firefighters i well, the spirit of giving is alive and well this time of year. for firefighters in the south bay that means helping a cause that hits very close to home. firefighters and volunteers spent their saturday collecting money from drivers in san jose members to have san jose firefighters burn foundation and valley medical center unit
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were at blossom hill filling their boots with donations for a change. >> anything we collect will be a plus on our side but you know we are hoping that we will get a good draw. this is one of the busiest intersections in city of san jose. so we are hoping for a good draw. san jose firefighters burn foundation started its efforts several years ago after red cross put out a plea to help raise money for burn victims over the years foundations have raised thousands of dollars for the cause. health insurance has become a luxury many americans can't afford imagine the frustration when you do have insurance but can't get your plan to pay for drugs that cost thousands of dollars a month. >> dr. kim sat down with one woman to talk about her fight to get better and her fight to pay the bills. >> i am going to get ready for my infusion. >> a ritual mona goes through every day. iv infusions ofant biotics to
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fight advance stage lime disease it effects the nervous system. >> i was basically at my job laying under my desk during office hours because i couldn't stand up straight. >> it makes her so exhausted she had to quit her job as a public interest lawyer. >> i cried for days i couldn't accept i wasn't able to work. >> lime disease comes from the bite of a tick found in wooded areas where there are lots of deer like here in morin county. while most cases are just treated with a month of anti biotics come suffer longer >> it can be devastating physically and io than shaly. >> my insurance has been a nightmare. >> mona can't get covered for most of her drugs she takes a lot of them, 70 pills a day and they are expensive. >> especially one very important one which is $1,300 a month. >> the iv drugs are pricier. >> one of these bags costs somewhere around $200.
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one bag done usually twice a day. >> but she says each time she submits a claim blue shield comes back with come reason they can't cover it. >> i have to go back and find what claim was denied why and contact the provider. >> she is not alone. >> there is an insurance problem. >> her specialist said many lime patients go through the same or deal it has to do with standard of care set by infectious disease society of america and upheld by the cdc. >> if you look at that standard of care that patient needs a month of antibiotics. >> for advanced staged lime disease it is not enough. >> insurance companies have chosen the least expensive standard of care. >> it is a very controversial issue and many doctors disagree including dr. richard jacobs an infectious disease specialist. >> the recommendation is even after you have an episode of lime disease if you have been treated appropriately for six
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weeks with intravenous anti biotics, further therapy for these nonspecific symptoms is not indicated longer. >> the prolonged therapy is generally not covered by insurance does that surprise you? >> not at all. >> cindy who heads up the states watchdog agency said mona has a right to appeal. >> a patient denied a treatment recommendation has the right to receive an independent medical review. >> so far her agencies initial investigation suggests blue shield should pay. >> at some point it is the responsibility of the plan to provide that critical intervention. >> giving mona new hope she can afford her treatment and get back to her calling. >> i don't like to give up if i am exhausted and tiredly still keep pushing. >> cbs 5 health watch. >> blue shield declined our request for an on camera interview but told cbs 5 they
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are still investigating mona's case. just last week for the first time her insurer picked up the $1,200 tab for her iv infusion drugs. >> all around the bay area people are getting in with the holiday spirit at the fairmont hotel, a two story gingerbread display. you could live in that, made with 5500 pieces of gingerbread and 850 pounds of icing it will be on display through the holiday season. >> 850 pounds of icing in. >> yeah >> i am on my way. >> sounds delicious but just to look. >> how is this thing going to hold up? soggy and wet? >> indoors. >> moisture could come in from
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the outside. >> plenty of icing in the high country sierra, maybe not 850 pounds probably a lot more than that as snow continues to fly in the high country, travel delays up over the passes, chains required to say the least as we have snow shower activity as the bay area clears out, sunny skies we will continue cool here for the next couple days until the clouds blanket rolls back in by mid- week brings a slight chance of showers late in the week. as we see skies clear throughout the region, here today, yesterday's rainfall pretty minor event half an inch or less for most locations most of that energy confined up across the high country sierra where they continue to measure snowfall by the tongue load up there. we will look -- truckload up there. we will look for 50s. low 60s for hot spots, mid- to upper 50s here as well cooler
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at the coast as we get mostly sunny and cool conditions will prevail behind yesterday's frontal passage here is the leading into that front leading into the high country bringing snow, more snow into the mountains and down yosemite as they have several feet of snow there. here is the center of circulation now parallelling the coast and ushering in the cold air mass that will be with us for the next few days skies clear overnight we will have some cold temperatures tomorrow again look for patchy frost around the area as we will remain sunny and cool today and tomorrow. daytime highs struggling to get out of the 50s. a bit of a warm up overnight hours by mid-week as the cloud blanket moves back in. otherwise clear and cool to continue through the day. highs mid- to upper 50s for most of the warm spots cooling as you come back to the water, pretty consistently cool throughout the region. statewide more of the same it
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is that time of year for dense fog in the central valley and snow showers linger out over the mountains as we clear along the coast. as mentioned more snow for high country they too will see sun come tomorrow that will help thaw things out a little bit here as we will look for partly -- well, mostly sunny at this point, highs in the upper 50s for the raiders game this afternoon and as you can see more clouds and slight chance of showers moves into the picture by the end of the week that is looking like a minor event at this point most of that energy will pass by to the north but it will help to warm up our overnight lows here by mid-week. a couple chilly mornings to deal with before we get back to near normal temperatures. >> fair enough. >> we will live with that. sounds good for me. >> not bad for a team that just has a tough time selling out its games. >> stanford sets a new record for the most wins in a season and it is about to take a jump in the bcs rankings.
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some of the highlights from the big shut out win against oregon state ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to b welcome back. it is a place of a lot of history but a long over do make over is about to get under way to bring a local landmark into the modern era. saturday the cal bears played
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their final game in the old memorial stadium, it is 87 years old. starting tomorrow it will under go a major renovation which should be finished for the 2012 season. cal will play its home games at at&t park in san francisco. hoping some of the giants luck will rub off on them. >> down in pal low alley they -- palo alto they are enjoining a season like any other. kim coyle is here with this mornings sports wrap. kim. >> oregon state was all that stood between stanford and a spot in one of the five. jim hear bag saying hello to his son jay an assistant on the oregon state staff. stanford shuts out oregon state, 38-0 to pick up the
7:57 am
school record, 11th, win. cal fans enjoying the view from tight wad hill. bears at 13-10. two seconds to go. time expires washington wins 16- 13. cal, finishes 5 and 7. back in the warriors line up scored 10 points, 43 minutes the night belongs to wright. maxed out 9-3 scores a career high 33 points. they beat the timberwolves to snap a three game losing streak. >> sharks come back from a loss in vancouver heat liquors twice and sharks hang on to beat the oilers 4-3. coming up at 10:00 a.m., jaguargiantthe raiders game is blacked out. the fifth quarter at 4:00 p.m. all your highlightreaction that is a look at sports have a great day. coming up how china is trying to step in and cool the rising tensions between north
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and south korea. remembering george masconi and harvey milk, 32 years after the anniversary of their assassination. the castro marchs to honor their legacy new this morning. [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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remembering george moscone and
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harv new this morning remembering george maconi and harvey milk they were assassinated 32 years ago this weekend. how their legacy is being remembered. >> a rise in the number of people caught driving drunk. the latest arrest figures as the busy holiday travel weekend comes to a close. >> some see it as a freedom of expression others see it as a threat to their safety. gun rights advocates, on their liberty on display in the east bay but also hearing some critics. welcome back to the weekend early edition it is 8:00 a.m. i am ann makovec >> i am phil matier we have a lot of news to cover in the upcoming half hour. love her or hate her there is no doubt you have heard plenty from sarah palin from her daughters stint on dance being the stars to the new book she has out many say she is laying the tracks for a presidential run. we have tom here to assess her
8:02 am
chances. >> plus already a hit among tourists but what about those of us who live here. the efforts to make fisherman's wharf more attractive to locals. >> what would today's celebrities do without their beloved twitters. some huge names like lady gaga want to leave the social network. why? more on the reason behind those moves. >> gay rights advocates are remembering two city leaders assassinated 32 years ago. last night people marched through the castro district and recalled the legacy of mayor masconi and harvey milk fay were shot to deathic side city -- they were shot to death inside city hall by dan white. >> i think he would be proud of how far we've come but i think he would be devastated by the ongoing suicide among our young
8:03 am
people and the foot dragging in congress. >> the march ended at a store front that used to be milks camera store, he used the business as an early base for his act simple before reaching elected office. >> it has been a busy travel weekened on the roads there are more drunk drivers out there. the number of drunk driving arrests in the bay area is up. chp arrested 177 people for driving under the influence, 40 more than last year, at the same time. statewide numbers are also up the crackdown will continue through midnight tomorrow. well, the controversial sight in many communities, men and women openly bearing their weapons at east bay businesses they say they are simply exercising american freedom. to support the right to openly carry guns met at nations hamburgers in pleasant hill they were met by protestors
8:04 am
carrying plaque cards. >> common sense tells you when you have that many weapons in one place and don't have people accountable to anyone the odds for an incident or accident are pretty high. >> about the open carry group says the brady campaign should focus their efforts on crime and criminal activity instead of targeting a group obeying the law. new, china trying to intervene in a brewing crisis between north and south korea that could bring all out war. chinese officials are calling for an emergency meeting in beijing it wants to rekindle stalled nation talks on disarmament in a disputed nuclear weapons program. last week north korea shelled a south korean island killing four people in a show of course south korea and u.s. are holding naval war games. advance of another wiki
8:05 am
leaks document dump the release of iraq war materials is illegal and will put countless lives at risk. they have released thousands of pages of documents on the wars in iraq and afghanistan. they will reveal highly sensitive assessments potentially embarrassing to world ledders. >> as president obama tries to dust himself off from a rough mid-term election some republic rans are angle -- republicans are angling to run against him in 2012. >> you may have heard that sarah palin told me just last week that she could beat you. if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> could she? >> you know, i don't speculate on what is going to happen two
8:06 am
years from now. right now i am focused on making sure we are doing everything we can to improve the economy and put people back to work if we are doing that people will want to see a continuation of the progress we have made if i don't then it probably won't really matter who is running against me. >> mr. president you will not tell me you thing you can beat sarah palin? >> what i am telling you is i don't think about sarah palin. >> okay. all right. >> sarah palin thinks she has a chance what about the rest of the political world? >> vice chair of california republican party with us thank you for joining us what are your thoughts? >> well, he is dead on right if the job market is the same as it is today then just about anybody will beat him. if they get it substantially below 9, i don't think they will, then chances are much better. >> back to sarah palin -- >> a lot of people wrote her off after the election but she
8:07 am
continued to draw crowds that rival any politician short of the president. >> she is a generation of new people. rudy did it when he was mayor of new york he communicates collectly to voters, goes town hall route not washington post route goes to internet route not to national tv route they are meeting directly. they have this following they are maintaining it over an entire cycle instead of waiting for mailers at the end. that is why they are popular. >> now sarah palin has this new show on and i have had a lot of my democrat friends says the a guilty pleasure like i am actually liking her. >> barack obama basically launched his career through book through his book and his two bookthe book tours got momentum going and he became a phenomenon before a political phenomenon sarah palin doing
8:08 am
the same thing? >> yeah, she has sarah palin radio. it is a new dynamic where they are directly communicating with voters, not campaigning. >> right communication. just get the feeling like establishing we know you. >> look part of the problem -- >> it is kind of campaigning. >> part of the problem carly and meg face they are first time candidates and people didn't have a comfortability factor. the chris christies of the world and sarah palins of the world, what they are doing is continually staying -- >> what arnold schwarzenegger did through the movies no matter when he ran everyone said i know arnold. >> question, if in the mid-term elections there are always times when they get out there and start putting networks together. sarah palin is doing the bookstore and her daughter is dance being the stars who else is out there? >> romney has been out there a
8:09 am
long time and picked up a lot but coming out of the gate you will say you will see a lot of mitt romney in 2011. christy is not running, jindal, rubio, whether that next generation steps up, what is huckabee going to do. huckabee was helping out a lot of people as well. so the real question, does huckabee get in the race or just the next generation. >> i was reading an article about sarah palin's book tour they noted she had 2 to 3 times as many people showed up compared tonight gingrich and huckabee. >> she loves her position. they are going to run. monroe was the last guy not to have someone run against him. >> you think she likes being the pop star versus president.
8:10 am
>> i think she likes her influential position. i don't think she will do it i think she enjoys her position like newt. >> we shall see if it is not 2012 it could be in the future. >> that is true. >> thank you tom. >> we appreciate you joining us this morning. one of those things you do when you have guests in town what can be done to make fisherman's wharf more local. >> a new fisherman's wharf that goes well beyond a tourist feel. >> what started with a couple neighbors and their christmas lights has grown into an awesome display. arrival of the holidays in sunny vail. out the door, we have winter like weather in the bay area, as clear skies resulting in very cool temperatures, look for matchy frost the next few mornings and the rest of your
8:11 am
forecast details coming your way in a few minutes ,,,, [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby!
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instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? clear skies throughout the bay area this morning resulting in cool temperatures, that will continue. details next
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the 15th c a holiday tradition of lights is up again in sunny vail for the 15th consecutive year it all began with two neighbors wrapping a couple trees with lighthas grown see this, a giant display with 88,000 bulbs and a snow machine. about 75% of the lights are energy efficient and the display is free to check out but for the past 8 years family who is organize it have collected donations for second harvest food bank. >> you are new to the area but get used to this story in yet another effort to draw more locals to another place that is a major hot spot for tourists. >> joe vazquez has the destales on the million dollar plan -- details on the million dollar plan. >> you get quite a bit of
8:15 am
enthusiasm in two different directions. >> i think it is too much. i don't like it personally. it is not like real stores it is like i love san francisco, or like a shot glass i went to alcatraz. it is not all there is in san francisco. >> all the little weird things, that is what makes it feel like home. >> home is where the epicness is. this is pretty epic. >> reporter: forbes magazine calls fisherman's wharf the 8th largest tourist area in america. the plan is to try to make it like a sea port village in san diego or you know, not just for tourists but locals come down. >> reporter: the plan is for a $15 million facelift first on the agenda, make the wharf more pedestrian and bike friendly. they want the widen the sidewalks and add a bicycle
8:16 am
lane they may get rid of street parking so plan to have better signs to direct people to parking garages under used. they plan to provide more sight lines to the bay. >> widening the sidewalk, redoing the streets. >> reporter: the plans have been drawn and are awaiting approval from city leaders the citizen's fisherman's wharf are looking to turn it into its next carnation. i can't tell you how many times they have come up with that debate. >> really? >> you don't think lit happen? >> -- it will happen? >> it is a place locals love to hate and tourists love. >> it is interesting they put ahistorical trolley line extended it down to fisher man's wharf that is one of the most packed muni lines you will
8:17 am
see like sardines all tourists a heck of a money maker but if i am going down to the wharf today what am i seeing? >> hopefully my favorite part, bush man. >> there you go. >> bush man? >> bush man. >> don't tell her. >> all right we will just send her down there. >> wander around fisherman's wharf until you run across bush man. it is a treat. clear and cool throughout the bay area, including fisher man's wharf a cool start to the next few days patchy frost expected especially across the north bay locations, skies will remain clear, until mid-week when the cloud blanket rolls back in we have a nice break in the moisture creed we saw a half inch or less, for most locations, as the bulk of the energy moved into the high country sierra where they continue see copious amounts of snow, winter travel conditions across the high country as you would expect not so much in the
8:18 am
bay area, as we look back at a lovely day taking shape a little cool, good day for sweat shirt vendors on fisherman's wharf as always. pushing off into the mountains of the sierra, where it is leaving more skiable snow on top of what they have already had, 8 to 10 feet in tahoe, 2 to 3 feet down at yosemite, lots of snow in the mountains a good start to the ski season, colder air behind it moving across the coastline that is what we are looking at today. that will keep us high and dry for the next couple days, clear skies, cool start, patchy frost expected early morning hours. some precautions will be necessary, i am not sure exactly what the vineyards do but often they will spray water on the vines, and fruit trees, as a way to keep them from being damaged by the frost. it always struck me as odd because it tends to freeze on top of it but in that freezing
8:19 am
part where it forms ice on the leave leaves it releases heat just enough to keep them from damaging the crops although the ice tends to break it but an interesting factoid. a few degrees warmer over the next couple days that time of year for dense fog in central valley and snow showers will clear out across the mountains with sunny and cool conditions expected for the raiders game here this afternoon even though it is blacked out as we mentioned earlier, seven-day forecast, keeps it clear into mid-week before the clouds return, slight chance of showers thursday into friday, that will be a glancing blow with most of the energy missing us to the north and headed once again into the mountains where it looks like it will be an epic ski season, if this trend continues. >> bush man fisherman's wharf. >> the guy every morning goes down to fisherman's wharf.
8:20 am
whacks off a branch, hides down on the wharf jumping out and scares the pants out of everybody. >> i heard of that >> he is internationally known. >> nice. actually i hope i never meet him because i get spooked easily. >> it is a treat. >> all right. >> my little brother he likes to spook. >> any way the instant direct connection to fans that a lot of celebrities use, yeah, twitter about to go away for some of them. >> some of the biggest names in entertainment are about to sign off on their twitter accounts. what is it all about? one of the closest races of the election cycle, finally wraps up this week delivering california's first female attorney general, coming up (announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid, there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes each year.
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septic backups can cost about six thousand dollars in expense, and countless hours of repair.
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8:23 am
with aids. >> some big named celebrities are pulling the plug to help kids living with aids. this tuesday on world aids day, alicia keys, lady gaga and others will abandon their twitter and facebook accounts and won't return until $1 million is raised for keep a child alive, a charity fronted by alicia keys a lot of people will probably notice keys as more than 2.5 million followers on twitter and lady gaga has more than 7 million follow ors. i know a guy with plenty of followers of his own. phil. >> part of that column includes one of the closest statewide of elections we've seen in i don't know. kamela harris won. democratic candidate edged out
8:24 am
steve coolly but a few thousand soles and she did it by taking advantage of a big flub by him when he said he would collect his la district attorneys pension serving as attorney general. not a good move in cash strapped times. the opposition campaign by law enforcement organizations over her opposition of the death penalty fizzled out but she had ore obama connection. she canvassed the state made a lot of connections with him and with his supporters when he was running in the presidential primary and used those when it came time to draw the votes out. it helped with a big latino, black, get out the vote operation. you put that together you have your first female attorney general in california. >> he came to fund raise for her a few weeks ago. these never go down but last night in sacramento it did. >> one lucky fan delivers on a
8:25 am
half court shot. see it again and find out what this shot won him up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:27 am
and are now 4- and-11 to start not going so well for sacramento kings these days their team, they lost gain last night and are now 4-11 to start the season. >> but one fan is a winner. take a look at john guth he got a chance to hit a half court shot from the keys for a new car. that was the prize but there we go. of course he is excited nothing but net the joy of that shot will make the rest of the kings season a bit more enjoyable at least for john. >> very impressive. >> a much anticipated holiday
8:28 am
meal for grizzly bears at the san francisco zoo's annual best feast. the event so special the bears dine on silver platters this time of year a special dinner is offered to many of the zoo's other animals, the meerkats and birds you can catch it later on today. >> what will you see as far as weather? >> cool and clear conditions today. another slight chance of showers by the end of the week but that looks like a near miss. looks like cool conditions will prevail for the foreseeable future. >> chilly if anybody else will go do last minute holiday weekend shopping. >> starting your sunday with us thank you on the weekend early edition we hope you enjoy your plans. >> face the nation is here next on cbs 5 ,,,,,,,,
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